With the migration to new technologies and the emergence of content and mobile marketing as more potent tools, NiTH has invested in its own studio to create and produce video content.

Our team has over 8 years experience in television and video production, however the need to evolve to produce lower cost content for the web for online commerce and training has seen us invest in an extensive range of video and production equipment as well as editing programs.

NiTH has vast experience in supervising, creating, scripting and directing film and video footage across a range of clients, both on-site and in studio, locally and nationally.
This material has been developed for a range of uses including board presentations, sales tools and presentations, product information sessions, instructional presentations, training modules and online content for web and social media.

NiTH is experienced in scripting and directing piece-to-camera jobs, including for use on TV commercials, using presenters and hired talent. This experience allows use to easily manage and control the process, recognising the quality of the performance as it is executed, which in turn allows efficiency in production. We have a portable teleprompter program and have used this extensively for on location shooting to assist our clients improve performance delivery.

The NiTH team has successfully negotiated complex talent contracts with local and international talent for use across a range of mediums.

With the development of new technologies and more affordable specialist equipment, NiTH has invested in its own studio, photography and lighting equipment. This allows NiTH to deliver high quality and cost effective photography to our clients without huge overheads and mark-ups.

Our team has over 30 years experience in photography and photography briefing and supervision with many of Australia’s most prestigious and respected photography studios. However, the need to evolve to create lower cost photography has seen us invest in an extensive range of photography and lighting equipment as well filing and editing programs, so we can meet our client’s needs.

We have photographed a wide range of products, events, portraits and locations for use in publications, online, DVDs and television commercials.

NiTH has vast experience in organising, producing and supervising photography projects across a range of clients, both on-location and in studio, locally, India-wide and internationally.

NiTH is often asked to source generic stock or rights managed images, including video, for advertising campaigns, publications and to support or enhance film and video production projects for our clients. Our in-depth involvement in the creative development of these projects ensures that we are able to source generic or rights managed stock images that artistically and practically marries up with the desired creative, budgetary and practical outcomes of the project.