Strategic Brand, Marketing & Communication

When developing a communications and marketing strategy we believe it cannot be fully realised without a high level of collaboration across strategy, creative and media/research.

Communications and Creative Strategy Development Process

NiTH employs an operational model that ensures key strategic thoughts are placed within a framework that guides creative development, target audience identification, channel marketing and media strategies.

Brand Essence Model

We utilise the Brand Essence Model, when working with our clients to facilitate ‘brand discovery’, focus and implementation. The disciplines employed ensure a clear understanding of how brand decisions permeate various dimensions of creative development and media planning.

Positioning Strategy Tool

Our positioning strategy tool allows us to clearly articulate the positioning of our client’s brand. We identify our target audience’s current belief, how they act in relation to that belief and identity the desired belief and action through the brand proposition.

Strategic Integrated Media Planning

This model integrates media and creative for the purpose of sharing knowledge and inspiring pro-active ideas. It enhances the relevancy of creative by ensuring synergy with the identified target and their preferred media and content channels.